Recovery on the Go Audio Bundle

Recovery on the Go Audio Bundle

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Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with our transformative audio series, "Recovery Essentials." This carefully curated collection of modules guides you through the pivotal phases of recovery, offering valuable insights and support tailored to your needs. Here's a preview of the empowering content:

  1. Am I a Sex Addict?: Begin your journey with introspection. This module addresses the fundamental question, providing guidance as you explore your own identity and lay the groundwork for understanding your path to recovery.

  2. Getting Started in Recovery Book 1 & Book 2: Lay a solid foundation for your healing journey with these comprehensive modules. Covering essential principles and practical steps, these audios serve as a roadmap for a successful and sustainable recovery.

  3. Lost in (Cyber)Space: Navigate the challenges of the digital world with insights from this module. Learn to foster a healthier relationship with technology, ensuring it aligns with your recovery goals.

  4. Disclosure: Tread carefully through the delicate process of disclosure with this module. Gain guidance on navigating conversations with loved ones, fostering understanding, and building a supportive foundation for your recovery.

  5. Accountability in Recovery: Explore the vital role of accountability in your journey. This module provides practical strategies and encouragement to strengthen your commitment to lasting change.

  6. Intensive Prep... for Him: Tailored for male partners, this module offers intensive preparation for the unique challenges faced on the road to recovery. Empower yourself with the tools needed to navigate this journey with strength and resilience.

  7. Intensive Prep... for Her: Tailored for female partners, this module provides intensive preparation for the distinct challenges faced during the recovery process. Gain valuable insights and tools to navigate the path toward healing.

The "Recovery Essentials" audio series is a holistic and empowering resource designed to be your companion at every stage of recovery. Each module contributes to your understanding, growth, and resilience, ensuring that you have the support you need on your transformative journey. Let these audios be your guide as you embark on a path towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Your journey to recovery begins with the wisdom and support found in this transformative audio series.

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