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Real Hope True Freedom: Understanding And Coping With Sex Addiction

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Sex addiction can be profoundly challenging to confront. It can shatter relationships, marriages, families, and careers, leaving those affected by it in a state of despair. For anyone dealing with sex addiction or those who care about them, this book is an invaluable source of guidance and support. "Real Hope True Freedom" is not just an essential guide; it's a beacon of understanding and compassion.

This comprehensive book delves deep into the complex issue of sex addiction, providing a wealth of information and insights. Dr. Milton Magness and Marsha Means, experts in the field, approach the subject with profound empathy and knowledge. Their goal is to offer real hope and true freedom to those who are struggling, as well as to their loved ones.

"Real Hope True Freedom" tackles numerous questions and provides specific tools to not only survive sex addiction but to thrive in the journey of recovery. The book is divided into six insightful parts, each offering a unique perspective and guidance:

  • The Avenue to Addiction: Understanding the roots and triggers of sex addiction.
  • The Road to Recovery: Exploring the steps towards healing and transformation.
  • The Highway to Healing – The Partner’s Journey: Compassionate insights for partners of those with addiction.
  • The Path to Restoring Relationships: Rebuilding trust and connection after addiction.
  • Detour into Relapse: Addressing the challenges of potential setbacks.
  • The Journey Home: Finding a way back to a healthy, fulfilling life.

In addition to these sections, "Real Hope True Freedom" also includes a comprehensive FAQ, addressing common concerns and providing practical answers.

This book is a vital resource for anyone touched by the impact of sex addiction, offering not only information but a genuine understanding of the struggles and the path to recovery. Dr. Magness and Marsha Means deliver a message of hope and healing, and their words are a guiding light on the journey to real hope and true freedom. If you or someone you care about is dealing with sex addiction, this book is a must-read.

317 Pages

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